Your Dream

We all have dreams and things we wish for. We all have talents and abilities. We, also, have people who try to make us believe our dreams are an impossibility. For them, it may be true, but for you, I want to encourage you to reach deep within yourself and find the strength to strive for what it is you wish for. There will always be someone to tell us we are not capable, but we need to not allow someone else’s insecurities to hold us back. Don’t let others discourage you from doing what you love.

It is true that we all have talents and abilities that are unique to us. We were born with them. Although we tend to doubt these things do exist within us, they are there. We have just permitted them to be stifled and hidden from not only the world but from ourselves as well.

I think about the creative abilities my dad had. I can remember the Spiderman on the wall that my dad drew freehanded, or the Flintstone characters he drew on the basement wall. He was truly a talented artist, why he did not pursue it I don’t know, but if he had who knows what could have come of it. He, also, loved model railroads. He was able to build a train layout with great detail. He found true enjoyment in his hobby.

Life gets very busy. We may not notice it much as a child, but as we become adults it becomes more and more evident that the days and years pass us by all too quickly. I remember when my husband, daughter, and I went to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. My husband had always wanted to take the long tour through the cave. This particular tour stops midway into the cave in an area called the Snowball Room. This room is setup for everyone to rest and have lunch. The three of us had a great time that day, and it was an experience we still talk about. If there is something you have been wanting to do, whether it be a restaurant you would like to try, a new hobby, or even a new hairstyle, I encourage you to just try it.

I feel the percentage is very high of those that leave this earth without fulfilling their dreams. I know it is not easy, and pursuing a dream or idea can be scary, but you can do it. As I have heard others say, “do it scared”.

As I encourage you, when the day comes for my granddaughter to tell me she has a dream, I will respond, “Annalyn, if that is your dream, chase it down and tackle it.”

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